No more slipping slotted ornaments!

When I first saw this design from Volker, I literally jumped for JOY! This idea has saved SO many of my compound ornaments. Compound ornaments usually have two slots that fit together. But without the perfect fit, they will fall apart easily or require a little bit of glue to keep them together.
This neat idea will solve both of these problems with one simple alteration to about any slotted pattern you come across. No glue and the projects can come apart and fit in a little envelope or store flat until next Christmas. Are you jumping for joy yet? Here is the secret:


This project is one of my absolute favorite Volker ornaments and is found in Collection #3

Four parts to the ornament: 2 Christmas Trees serve as the shell (1 bottom/1 top), the Nativity insert with a small tab on the bottom that fits snuggly into the small circle base that has 2 additional holes cut to fit onto the bottom shell of the tree — this serves to lock the 2 tree pieces together more securely.

box photos 1


These next photos demonstrate how the slots rather than being 2 straight cuts actually incorporates tabs and a single hole to accept both tabs. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so you’ll just have to see for yourself what I mean here:

box photos 2   box photos 3
Tabs and Slot Interlock
Gently pull apart to fit interlocking pieces together

With thin stock, carefully twist the tabbed top part of the ornament and slide the bottom piece into place so the slot lines up with the tabs fitting into both sides of the hole. This strong joint isn’t going to fall apart. Add on the base to lock the tabs in place. This guarantees that the project will not fall apart and requires no glue! Add on an incredible Volker insert such as this Nativity scene and you won’t be able to make enough for everyone that wants one of these ornaments.
I hope that you enjoy this creative tip and use it wherever you can. Stop by and purchase some Volker patterns to thank him for this time saving incredible shop tip!

Merry Christmas and happy scrolling – especially now that you don’t have to worry about the messy glue and compound ornaments slipping apart.

Volker 5    Volker 6