Collection #25



Volker Arnold has been working in his shop for a few years and finally has some great projects to share with the world. Collection #25 has some great German Patterns that are sure to be treasures in your home for years to come. Whether you prefer the simple elegance of the angel mobile or the beautiful complex cuckoo clock, this collection has a bit of everything. Special introductory price available until Nov. 30, 2018 so don’t procrastinate getting ready for Christmas this year.

1.Angel Mobile (could also hang the snowflake from the center)

2.Christmas Market Lichterbogen

3.Compound Lighted Snowflake

4.Lichterbogen Cottages

5.Lighted 3D Christmas Trees (various shapes/sizes)

6.Cuckoo Clock

7.Moon Ornaments (collection of 6)

8.Nuremberg Castle and Miniature Train Schwibbogens

9.3D Slot House