2006 Collection


If you are looking for some great ornaments, wall art, or intricate bases for your lichterbogens, this is the collection for you.

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2006 Collection Cover

2006 collection***Please note that all of these patterns are also found in Volker’s 100+ Collection, which contains all 2005, 2006 and a couple other unique patterns.

Chinese Bookmarks
Christmas caroler and Pilgrim with star on pole
Star ornament: lace maker: angel carver
Star angel/bird house; star angel/candle with bird house
Star Boy on stick horse; Boy on rocking horse.
Shooting star ornament
16 leaf patterns
Valentine – boy & girl kissing
Valentine – girl & goose
Kittens in love
Moon Angel with birds and manger
Girl with Doll under Christmas Tree Round Ornament
Two angels decorating Xmas tree, round frame
Heart Frame – Girl with toe in water (SSW article)
Owls & birds in tree – round frame
Little Red Riding Hood with Wolf
Seven swabians
Plaque: Two playful horses
Lighted ornament – moon, girl with baby under tree 9×8.5
Angel riding stars Girl and Deer looking up at Sun Moon Stars
Plaque with Santa Knocking at door. Children in house decorating the Christmas Tree
Hansel und Gretel
Santa leading his horse and sleigh in the forest – lichterbogen
Church in comet – large project with option to be lighted.
Nativity in Comet
Candles in Wreath Nativity in Large Star
2 Deer Lichterbogen
Manger for Nativity
Nativity Multiple piece set
Nature Nativity Lichterbogen
A Star is Born (Animated Sun, Stars, Moon) Lichterbogen
Santa Knocking at Door. Children decorating the Tree
Schwarzenberger Traditional Workshop with Soldier Mini Lichterbogen
Nativity with Optional Palm Arch lichterbogen
Church in Lichterbogen with large lanterns
Winter Scene with deer, rabbit, hog, church village in background Lichterbogen (2 pages)
6 Mini Lichterbogens (Boy playing with Train, Girl and doll / Miner pushing wheelbarrow / Children playing with pyramid / Church in Forest / Children lighting the tree / Lumberjack with horse and sleigh)
Church and City Lichterbogen with large lanterns
5 Pyramids (Sun Moon Stars / Children Decorating the Tree / Christmas Carolers / Christmas Tree with Angels / Woodcutter, angel, pilgrim on branches)

The following pedestals/bases:
Church Winter Scene 59cm (3 pgs)
Miners 50cm (3 pgs)
Different winter scene 49cm and 59cm (6 pgs)
Bethlehem Scenery 51cm Pedestal – Winter Church and village 59cm (3 pgs.)
Mining (5 pages – 1 appears to be a lighter duplicate) Pedestal – Miners 49cm (3 pgs)
Church in the Forest (2 versions)
Winter Church (2 versions)
Woodshop with pyramids, woodcarver, lacemaker, Scroller, girl with doll